AROGYA HOSPITAL, located at Jassian Road, Ludhiana is a 30 bedded private hospital with covered floor area 5300 sq. feet providing inpatient medical, surgical, dermatological and obstetric services like general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, cancer surgery, urology, endocrine surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and gynaec surgery. We are committed to advancing the field of laparoscopic surgery through innovation and clinical research. We strive to meet the highest standards of care and ethics in our day to day practice, and to provide our patients with superior and compassionate care i.e. ambulatory care and emergency care and sub-acute services.

It is paramount to mention that we are the only empanelled hospital with a good number of TPAs and General Insurance Companies of repute to cater to the population of more than 5 Lac of the area for cashless facilities. AROGYA HOSPITAL assures that patients are in the safest hands. Our surgeons and doctors are committed to the highest standards. Best results for all type of surgeries with minimum drugs and pain. Our focus is on safe, modern, minimally invasive treatments and we believe that when it comes to surgical procedures, less is most certainly more. We have a hugely talented and experienced team of doctors on board who are all concerned with one thing – achieving the best results possible and safely. At AROGYA HOSPITAL you can expect the best combination of science and technology fused together.


We are into advanced laparoscopy and laparoscopic research.We are doing advanced surgeries like Laparoscopic hernia, Laparoscopic fundoplication, Laparoscopic colorectal surgery, Laparoscopic esophageal surgery, Laparoscopic bariatric surgery and Laparoscopic gynaecology surgery. AROGYA HOSPITAL surgery team is a unique multi-specialty group that excels in minimally invasive techniques. Our academically oriented group of doctors is extensively trained in advanced laparoscopic techniques to provide exceptional surgical care to overall patients. AROGYA HOSPITAL has fully equipped operation theatres for conducting major and minor surgeries. We understand the impact of the hospital environment on the patient experience. Good environments make us feel better and feeling better is the key to getting better.

These are relatively the best of general surgery and laproscopic treatment. The treatment is completely handled by experienced and dedicated general, laproscopic and bariatric surgery team. There is utilization of latest technologies like Minimal Invasive Surgery for faster recovery that will make one experience with reduced pain and less scarring. These medical centers offer suite of services to our patients and some of the common procedures offered by these excellent medicos. Apart from obesity, there are other kinds of treatment provided at quite an exclusive price. This is just the best where you are going to get best of treatment without any tension and the technology is overcrowded. There are doctors and specialists who take on complete responsibility to manage with the treatment. Apart from that bariatric surgery and other kind of fitness oriented treatment are also a part of their treatment strategy. Their treatment process is high class based on advancement in technology and take on a move to manage the complete treatment process in best possible manner.

This is rightly bought on through managing the medical advancement in every source and is going to be one of the excelling treatment process identified and manipulated for all ways of treating the patients. The patients are even going to pay quite less in comparison to other hospitals here and that is not just the end to the medical processes and procedures. Generally people come here for the bariatric surgery and other kind of treatments which are of quite a high class without any compromise to the process or treatment management system.