AROGYA HOSPITAL, located at Jassian Road, Ludhiana is a 30 bedded private hospital with covered floor area 5300 sq. feet providing inpatient medical, surgical, dermatological and obstetric services like general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, cancer surgery, urology, endocrine surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and gynaec surgery. We are committed to advancing the field of Weight loss treatement laparoscopic surgery through innovation and clinical research. We strive to meet the highest standards of care and ethics in our day to day practice, and to provide our patients with superior and compassionate care i.e. ambulatory care and emergency care and sub-acute services. It is paramount to mention that we are the only empanelled hospital with a good number of TPAs and General Insurance Companies of repute to cater to the population of more than 5 Lac of the area for cashless facilities.


Obesity itself is a cause for many diseases as it is a health hazard which kills almost 40% of the population every year. It is been linked to various medical complications like heart stroke ,high blood pressure , diabetes ,cancer, gout ,osteoarthritis, and very commonly breathing problems such as sleep apnea and asthma. People being overweight have increased risk for chronic diseases compared to normal weight persons. Basically all over the world. the people develop heart attacks and diabetes like diseases every day due to obesity.



Speaking about laparoscopy is a kind of surgery that uses quite a thin, lighted tube being disposed into the belly portion through a cut. With this the doctor here would look into the abdominal organs and even that of the female pelvic organs. Using this medical technology, the process is being utilized to find out the problems like that of cysts, adhesions, fibroids and even other kind of infection. For the purpose, the tissue samples are being collected for biopsy through a tube. This is being used to treat appendicitis, hernia and other kind of stomach related disorders.


If you don’t have hair, it does look quite odd. But when you have hair transplant like technology available you can easily overcome such situation. Arogya hospital have come on with some of the best hair transplant services like which is going to help every individual create their own personality. They are famous to provide with an excelling hair restoration. This treatment is done to retrieve the hair loss by most experienced professionals with striving a satisfactory result.

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