our patient complex

There are some of the excelling facilities being implemented into the treatment process. The facilities are high class and would make the patients get handled throughout the process. The treatment is really manageable when the patient approaches for treatment. There is out patient complex that would handle the situation in quite relax able manner. We have some of the well mannered and expert professional who is going to handle every single patient with patience. The treatment is done under expert supervision that would permit a confidence and relaxation in mind. Basically patients get scared of anything going wrong while you are under treatment. But with the service from arogya hospital you need to stay safe from these issues.
What they do is:-
• When they are concerned about the obesity treatment, they are going to make on an improvement with care and treatment to those who are suffering from obesity.
• The experts take on complete care with achieving proper knowledge with science and understanding the metabolic and bariatric surgery.
• The professionals manage to foster communication between health professionals relating to obesity and condition relating to that.
• The complete care is being taken by recognized authority and resource on metabolism and bariatric surgery.
• Professionals and experts here manage with advocating for a complete health care policy with ensuring the patients access to a high quality prevention and treatment to obesity. The professionals here contact every patient and members in quite friendly manner with either phone calls or emails and make it a reminder to bring on excelling service for all.

private patient room

The hospital is deeply committed to provide with highest standards of excellence in the field of medical care. The primary concern of the hospital and the management is to ensure with patients health and comfort which is provided with special attention given with best possible care once that enters the portals of the hospital. They also provide you with individual air conditioned room which is larger than that of single room. This is being provided with a patient cot, and an attendant cot, television, telephone, refrigerator, cupboard and a sofa depending upon feasibility.

consultation room

The consultation room has been designed with excellence to make the patients feel comfortable. With treatment, the doctors are availed with assistants who are going to take the responsibility of treatment of every patient. The professionals take complete consultation with weekly and monthly reviews from the patients for handling the situation in a graceful manner. They take on complete responsibility to serve the best health system specifically in the field of bariatric surgery, and other kind of advanced laproscopic and surgical processes. The professionals here attain the best kind of treatment position by transforming the health care experience through care and quality service added on with innovation and excellence.