Our day to day living habits have been putting us to a troublesome life. For the reason medical technology have come through with some advanced technologies which are going to help out with bringing us relief from obesity and fat. Something innovative like those of the gastric bypass surgery performed the best way at Arogya hospital can be one of the best solutions among all.

With a thorough analysis from Arogya hospital consultants and their services, it is found that gastric bypass surgery is one of the innovative surgical procedures where the stomach is divided into smaller pouch in the upper region and remains the next large lower pouch with the small intestine connecting and rearranged to the connectivity. With this technology, the process has been developed to connect the intestine. This has been analyzed with a marked reduction in the functional size of the stomach which is going to reduce the food intake with treating obesity. After this treatment one can easily over come disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure and many more. Earlier there were complications noted, but at Arogya with the use of new and advanced instruments the problems are easily sorted out.

What is the use of this surgery?

This is one of the best surgeries interpreted to sort out morbid obesity. This is a kind of laproscopic surgery in which you can limit yourself with accessing surgery that would not be painful and is indeed going to provide with positive results sooner. In this case, first the test is done to diagnose the issue and when the patient are seriously obesed it is needed to take on tests that would suggest what are the conditions of your body fluids. Later after the surgery it is needed that you should not stay sustained on weight loss by attaining some dietary effort and suffers from comorbid conditions which would damage your quality life. For the condition, the BMI is needed to be considered for defining with weight loss.

Two step surgery

This is particularly a two step surgery in which :-

  • Step 1: The size of the stomach is reduced and the doctors staple the stomach by dividing the stomach into a small upper pouch and the larger bottom section. In the top layer which is called the pouch, the food stays in which we eat. This is quite smaller. The reason is on the way that it holds around 1 ounce or around 28 grams of food. As a reason you are going to eat less and lose weight.
  • Step 2: At the next step of bypass surgery, the doctor connects a small part of the small intestine with making a small hole in the pouch. For the reason, the food we eat is now going to travel from the pouch into the new opening and then into the small intestine. Further this would lead the body to absorb less of calories and make the patient stay slim and fit.

At Arogya hospital, this treatment of gastric bypass surgery is done with a perfect surgery and even with the use of a small camera through laparoscopy.