Food we eat daily might not be fatty, but our day to day habits makes us fatty or obese. For that reason we lose our good health and grow bulky day to day. This advanced medical technology served at Arogya hospital, Ludhiana would provide with excellent services, care and treatment after the surgery as well as before the surgery. The treatment is painless and incomparable at the best price as well.


This surgery is a kind of vertical sleeve gastrectomy which is going to remove around 80 % of the stomach. Due to that the patient is going to feel less hungry, feel completed with the food serving, loose up to excess of weight, improve and cure the obesity related health problems. You can make it the best after treatment at Arogya Hospital.

results of the treatment

With this treatment, the patients are truly going to lose weight up to around 70 % within a year. This is also going to cure or improve diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and many other health related conditions.


After the Gastric Sleeve Surgery , the patients are going to recover faster. But still they can make it the best with:-

  • 1.Staying at the hospital for some days.
  • 2.Preventing working for some time.
  • 3.the complete time of recovery is around 4 to 6 weeks
  • 4.Patients might feel a manageable pain similar to that of laproscopic surgery.
  • 5.Patients need to recover back to their normal diet with slow transition back to normal.