laproscopic surgery


Speaking about laparoscopy is a kind of surgery that uses quite a thin, lighted tube being disposed into the belly portion through a cut. With this the doctor here would look into the abdominal organs and even that of the female pelvic organs. Using this medical technology, the process is being utilized to find out the problems like that of cysts, adhesions, fibroids and even other kind of infection. For the purpose, the tissue samples are being collected for biopsy through a tube. This is being used to treat appendicitis, hernia and other kind of stomach related disorders.

laproscopic sleeve gastrectomy:

This Laproscopic sleeve gastrectomy is one of the restrictive procedures without that of malabsorptive component present in other bariatric procedures. This involves the restriction of around two – third of the stomach that is provides with an increased satiety and decreased appetite. This technology is going to be a restrictive approach in the stomach size with the intragastric volume to around lass able to accommodation a large volume of food leading to that decreased food consumption. At Arogya Hospital these kind of laproscopic gastric band placement involves those of surgical implantable devices with leaving those of foreign body in place for future with increasing restriction when ever required. This sleeve gastrectomy surgically and permanently reduces the size of the remnant stomach.


Inside the body, there would be an inflammation which is a sudden process and would lead to severe pain around the navel area that would shift to right lower abdomen location. After that the patient would start on with severe cough and straining with an increase in the pain. This pain would be followed on with nausea and vomiting.This process of laproscopic treatment is being performed under general anesthetic process where the patient is made unconscious and would not have any memory of it. For the treatment, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of aspirin or warfarin like elements to prevent excessive bleeding during the operation. Even it is advisable to avoid smoking which would delay the healing process after surgery.


Process of diagnosis does takes around 30 min to one hour and it will take long time if the surgeon is treating a condition with some problems.


After the laparoscopy treatment, you might feel disoriented because of the anesthetic effect. Even people would feel sleepy or drowsy with vomiting sensation. But these are going to pass on quickly with time and here you are going to be monitored by the physician and nurse till you get back to the normal situation. With respect to the day to day diseases, research in medicines and surgery has taken a new face off with all sorts of treatments. This is now easier to treat patients who come for all routine general surgery as hernia, intestinal surgery, and stapler treatment of hemorrhoids and even for the laproscopic treatments which are no more painful and neither need to make patient lie down for a long time. These treatments are made with laparoscopic technology which is a part associated with other kind of surgeries like gynecology surgery. Laproscopic ovarian cyst surgery that has been a common in today’s women has been referred with patients who have developed cyst on their ovaries. This is making the medical technology easy and convenient day to day with no chance of problems arising relating to the health conditions. For these conditions, the doctors are going to handle patients with care and even provide advanced treatment. These treatments are loaded with new techniques of medical science which is less painful and would give positive impact on health conditions. This is being handled in quite safe and secured way which doesn’t even create any problem relating to further health conditions. This is hence a part of the general surgery and is handled quite in safe manner.