Obesity treatment is a kind of modernized medical treatment for wiping out the unwanted fat deposits from the body. For the purpose. Dr. Ashish Ohri as an expert has been performing several obesity treatment surgeries in the best possible manner at Arogya hospital.

At this place, the various kinds of obesity treatment done are all associated to be quite effective. These are performed under expert’s medical supervision. The treatment is initially identified and the patients are examined for the purpose.

Obesity treatment surgery

This is a weight loss or obesity treatment in which weight loss is achieved with reducing the stomach size with the help of gastric banding. In this process through a very small hole made at the identified location of the stomach a small portion is being removed and the routes of small intestine is restricted and diverted to a small stomach pouch. This indeed is also called the gastric bypass surgery.

The complete surgery takes less of time in comparison to normal surgeries after which the patient is asked to take rest for some hours or maximum of 1 day. After this the restriction is done to some food stuffs for a time period and then everything goes normal as like before.

after surgery care

At Arogya hospital, under the supervision of Dr. Ashish Ohri, every patient is going to feel homely. With that patients are also going to get best of obesity treatment which doesn’t have any noted side effects. They can feel comfortable after the surgery and manage to live normal lifestyle. At Arogya hospital, with Dr. Ashish Ohri is handling with these cases, he is the expert to handle the best of gastric sleeve surgery. His friendly as well as professional approach to every patient is going to bring on best results on the treatment.