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12 Oct 2019

Must-have control systems for your boiler

Boiler controls provide an extra level of safety and reassurance: they allow you to understand your boiler’s daily operations better, as well as perform the crucial duty of ensuring that your boiler is operating safely and efficiently. Regardless of what kind of industrial or commercial operation you run, here are some must-have boiler controls to get the most out of your equipment.

Low Water Cutoff: A Boiler Control Priority

Low water cutoff controls perform a key operation for any boiler. Low water cutoffs are among the best boiler controls because they monitor water levels and can initiate a shutdown should they detect dangerously low water levels. A low water cutoff can make the difference between a minor glitch and causing major damage to your boiler system, threatening the safety of your workplace.

Water Feeders For Time Savings and Improved Safety

Water feeders may be among the best boiler controls in term of time and cost savings. Water feeders can be programmed to measure the appropriate amount of water and automate all water feeds into your boiler. These controls are often paired with a low water cutoff in one unit, so be sure to check in with your boiler service professional to find out more about your options.

Fuel Flow and Airflow Controls

Otherwise known as combustion control, fuel and airflow controls are the best boiler controls for creating the most efficient conditions. For your boiler to perform optimally, there must be a balanced fuel to air ratio. Anytime this ratio is thrown off (i.e., if there is more air than there needs to be in your system) you are going to burn more fuel than you need. In order to avoid spending more money on fuel, consider investing in a series of automatic controls that can correct any imbalances in your system.

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