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12 Jul 2018

What about the high failure rate of fuel delivery system of biomass-fired boiler?

Question details (Performance):

There is no feeding machine between hopper and # 0A/B belt, which causes unstable feeding and feeding amount cannot be controlled, during running, big amount material presses on belts which affect normal operation of the belt.

Answer: The cause of the problem:

Because the toughness of the biomass fuel is bigger, the proportion is small, material level should not be too high, otherwise it will occur block, so conveying system is normally running 24 hours, moving parts are easy to wear and cause high failure rate; also the length of the cut grass is difficult to guarantee its length between 8 ~ 15cm, and it is easy to get stuck in the feed machine before the furnace and it is difficult to clean, which has a great impact on the load of the boiler.


1. To reduce wearing and expand the service life of equipment, general motor adopts variable frequency motor, slow down the running speed, to control the rate of fuel feeding, make material's stacking height is always in a reasonable range, feeder can equally feed, minimize plugging.

2. According to the feed quantity and fuel type to choose feeding machine of corresponding size to solve the problem of plugging.


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