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12 Jul 2018

What if combustion of biomass fuel boiler is not sufficient?

Question details (Specific performance):

Biomass environmental protection and energy saving fuel made of straw and livestock etc., their combustion is not full.

Answer: The cause of the problem:

1. Air quantity is insufficient or too big.

2. Outer flame position is not proper.


1.Sufficient temperature: sufficient combustion of biomass boiler needs high temperature, combustion rate is proportional to the temperature, to raise the temperature as much as possible but guarantee there is no slagging.

2. Proper air volume. If the air volume is too large, it will reduce the temperature of the furnace and increase the incomplete combustion of fuel. If the air volume is insufficient, the combustion efficiency will be reduced, and the waste of fuel will also increase the emission of smoke.

3. Sufficient mixing of fuel and air. During the burning stage of biomass boilers, the sufficient mixing of air and fuel should be ensured and the disturbance should be strengthened during the burning out stage. Ensure that the fuel stays in the grate and chamber for long enough, so that the combustion will be more sufficient, and improve the combustion efficiency and save costs.

4. The proper position of the flame, which should be controlled at a proper fullness. 


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