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04 Oct 2019

5 Ways to increase the efficiency of your industrial boiler

Here are our five suggestions for maximizing your boiler's performance.

1. Replace your industrial boiler burnerA boiler's burner is crucial to optimal performance and, like most items, they tend to deteriorate with use and time. Upgrading old burner will increase output and extend the life of your industrial burner.

2. Make sure your boiler is insulated properlyInsulation is incredibly important to the function and efficiency of your industrial boiler. If you feel that your boiler has not been operating as efficiently as it once was, you may want to look into replacing the refractory materials that line it.

3. Consider a blowdown heat exchangerBlowdown is unavoidable, but you can harness some of that escaped hot water with a blowdown heat exchanger for your industrial boiler. Ask your boiler professional whether a blowdown heat exchanger, a flash tank, or some combination of the two might be a good choice for you.

4. Fight build up with soot blowersNaturally, the constant combustion process of an industrial boiler means that soot and ash will end up coating crucial heat transfer surfaces and reduce the efficiency of your boiler. A soot blowing system can help combat this kind of residue build up, dispersing it via jets of compressed air.

5. Nothing beats annual maintenanceBy partnering with a reliable, knowledgeable service team like the group of professionals at ZOZEN Boiler, you can get customized recommendations that are right for your boiler and your business.

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