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27 Sep 2019

5 common problems with industrial boilers

Here are some common issues that could cause your industrial boiler to misbehave:

1. Burner Not Functioning Correctly.If the boiler burner fails or is faulty, then your boiler is not going to be able to generate heat efficiently, or in the worst case not at all . As industrial boilers are in almost constant use they are built to be very robust and last for decades, nevertheless they can still have problems with broken burners from time to time. Burner pumps, heads and nozzles can all cause problems but a swift replacement should limit your down time.

2. Combustion Problems.Whether you use gas, oil, coal or any alternative in you boiler, the job of achieving a good mix of fuel and air is essential for maximum efficiency. If your boiler is not burning fuel correctly then the output will not be good and you will be wasting money on fuel when you could be burning less to generate the same amount of heat.

3. Leaks.Any machine that operates under high pressure is susceptible to leaks, and boilers are no exception to this. A leaking tube in the combustion chamber is one example of a leak that can take your boiler out of action. Leaks like this normally need to be welded before the boiler can return to normal operation.

4.D-Patch Repair.Non-destructive testing is carried out every 5 years to look for any defects in the boiler. Any problems, such as cracks that are found need to be dealt with as soon as possible. The defective section can be removed and a patch welded in place to return the boiler to service.

5. Control Systems.Just like a domestic boiler, an industrial boiler has a complex control system to ensure it operates within safe limits and works effectively. A control panel is used to manage the burner and all other functions of the boiler, a problem with any control system could mean a complete shutdown. Any problems with your control system will need to be diagnosed by an engineer who may need to replace any sensors, probes or valves that are playing up.

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