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12 Feb 2019

What are the advantages of installing energy-efficient equipments like economizer and condenser?

1.The exhaust gas temperature of the boiler body is much higher than the saturation temperatures of the boiler (for example, the saturation temperature of a 1.25Mpa boiler is 194℃) for both WNS series boilers and SZS series boilers, so we have to further cool the hot smoke, reduce the exhaust gas temperature, improve the fuel efficiency and boiler thermal efficiency by adding heating surface (i.e. installing energy-efficient equipments) on the outside of the boiler body.2.For the boilers equipped with thermal deaerators, the feed-water temperature is 104℃ and the exhaust gas temperature is still relatively high, under the circumstances, we may install a primary condenser to heat the feed water of thermal deaerator and reduce the exhaust gas temperature to the optimal temperature.

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